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Counselors: School counselors are available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your school program or class schedule. They are also willing to help you with more personal problems.


If you are a student of either the Academy of Science and Technology, or Transition Technology Program, see Ms. Williams in Room 026A or Ms. Brown in Room 210. Ms. O’Brien and Ms. Balling, in Room 331 serve the needs of students in the Science and Technology Program.


School Psychologist & Social Worker: Ms. Horstman, the school Psychologist is located in Room 26. Mrs. Dellavilla, the Social Worker for Wilson is located in Room 007. Both are here on a part-time basis, so check with your House Administrator or Guidance Counselor to determine when they are available.


Speech & Hearing Therapist: Mrs. Willmarth, the Speech/Hearing Therapist, is located in Room 041 and is available for testing, diagnosing and working with those students who have been referred to her.


Nurse: When you come to the Health Office in room 05, you will be helped by Mrs. Rector, the Community Health Nurse or Mrs. Schneider, the Community Health Assistant. They are available from 7:00 am - 12:30 pm daily to assess illness, accidents and injuries. Students are sent home only when their illness will interfere with their learning. Unless it is an emergency, students must have a pass from a staff member to come to see us. They can provide health information, help you access primary health care or medical insurance. They conduct screenings such as scoliosis, vision, etc. Students can make appointments to consult with the Nurse. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the Health Office staff when they have questions or there is a change in their child's health. Medication is only given to students who have brought in Doctor's orders and parent permission forms. The medication must be in labeled bottles from the pharmacy. We do not give out pain or cold medication without a Doctor's order.


Accidents: If you have an accident in school, please report it to your teacher. The teacher will then take whatever action is necessary to see that you receive proper treatment. If you are injured and do not report the accident on the day it occurs, you may not be able to receive free medical treatment at the hospital, if necessary.


Work Permits: Students under 18 must obtain a work permit before they can become employed. Applications for work permits may be secured from the nurse. During the summer, work permits may be obtained through the District’s Attendance Office at 131 West Broad Street. Work permit physicals are available through school health services. Check with the nurse to make an appointment.


Wilson Parent-Teacher-Student Association: This group is very active and instrumental in assisting the Principal in reviewing the current instructional program and recommending changes for the future. Representatives have served in various capacities, including the School Newsletter, Instructional Council and the Parent Advisory Council. Should you like specific information pertaining to the Parent-Teacher-Student Association, please be aware that it is sent home during the early fall. Information is also available by reading the monthly newsletter, The Magnetic Source.


Parent Liaisons: Wilson High School’s Parent Center is located in the library. It is currently staffed by Kathy Little and a soon to be announced coordinator, each of whom is in the building who will share a minimum of 35 hours per week inside the building. Their duties include answering questions, providing support for the PTSA, facilitating general means to bridge home and school, working to support one parent or small groups of parents with projects that benefit Wilson’s students, and lots more! The Parent Center Telephone number is 328-3440, extension 2302/2303.


Transition Tech Department : The Transition Tech department, together with support staff and general education teachers provide a complete program to meet the need of diverse learners. This unique component of Wilson Magnet provides students with the appropriate academic challenges and life-skills necessary to achieve their mil potential. A collaboration between community agencies and district based vocational training in addition to the options offered to meet Regents, Local and IEP diploma requirements is available to all students. Building based staff provide the leadership and support necessary to insure that all students are equipped with the skills required for success in the community and higher education settings. All credit-bearing classes are taught at the Regents level.




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Last modified: October 26, 2003