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IB Programme
Science Tech
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International Baccalaureate Programme

The International Baccalaureate Organization, founded in the 1960ís, grew out of international school efforts to establish a common curriculum and university entry credential. It is a chartered foundation under the Swiss civil code with headquarters in Geneva.

Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School is an approved International Baccalaureate (IB) school able to prepare students for the lB Diploma. lB is an internationally recognized college preparatory program that offers a broad curriculum complemented by an opportunity to study a subject in depth. The goals of the lB program are to help students learn how to learn, how to evaluate information critically, how to analyze, and how to reach thoughtful conclusions. The two-year curriculum includes a strong emphasis on the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship.

Graduation Requirements


The International

Baccalaureate Programme

English 4

Mathematics 5-6

Science 5

Social Studies/Economics 4

* Electives 4-5

Foreign Language 4-5

Physical Education 2

Health 0.5

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) 1

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

Extended Essay (EE)

Total minimum of 29

* Electives are computer science, Latin, and others to be determined.


Science Tech


    Build a solid foundation for a future in science, medicine or engineering with Wilsonís state-of-the-art labs and highly effective instructors. Our graduates have excelled and pursued careers in engineering (chemical, mechanical and electrical), medicine, computer programming, systems analysis, mathematics, data processing, biochemistry, and business.



Summary of Graduation Requirements

For the class of 2004 and thereafter

English 4.0 credits

Social Studies 3.5 credits

Foreign Language Studies 3.0 credits

Mathematics 4.0 credits

Science 4.0 credits

Physical Education 2.0 credits

Health .5 credits

Computer Science 3.5 credits

Additional Elective Courses* 1.0 credits


TOTAL CREDITS 25.5 credits


*An additional elective in core academics (Computer Science, English, Foreign Language, Math, Science or Social Studies) or approved electives. Students may also participate in a PSAT/SAT course of study and a senior seminar.

Transition Tech

    The Transition Tech department, together with support staff and general education teachers provide a complete program to meet the need of diverse learners. This unique component of Wilson Magnet provides students with the appropriate academic challenges and life-skills necessary to achieve their potential. A collaboration between community agencies and district based vocational training in addition to the options offered to meet Regents, Local and IEP diploma requirements is available to all students. Building based staff provide the leadership and support necessary to insure that all students are equipped with the skills required for success in the community and higher education settings. All credit-bearing classes are taught at the Regents level.


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