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                     TEAMS AND CLUBS


Wilson offers a vast variety of clubs and activities. We are sure you will find something in which you would be interested in joining and we encourage you to do so!

These activities may be extensions of courses, which you will find interesting and exciting, or even purely recreational in nature. The following clubs depend on student interest:

Amnesty International: This club will be a chapter of the international association, which focuses on human rights. Students learn about the politics and policies of nations around the world. Students will participate in letter writing, petitions, and other activities that support international human rights. Room 108.

Art Club: A club for self-motivated students who are interested in exploring a variety of art forms within a studio environment. AM Home base.

Chess Club: Any level of play welcome! Students enjoy chess in a casual atmosphere. Strategies are discussed, with some tournament play. Room 109.

Computer Team: We meet monthly for problem-solving activities and computer meets with other interscholastic computer teams. At the end of the school year, a trophy is awarded to the most successful team. Room to be announced.

Drama Club: We are scheduled to present three productions this year. Room 202 & auditorium.

Foreign Language Club: Several activities are planned for this club. Every month the emphasis will be on a different language. We will sample different foods from all over the world, learn about different cultures and languages. We are scheduled to go on a trip, have a monthly newsletter, see movies, and participate in traditional dances. Room 220.

Foreign Language Newsletter: Brings together students of all languages offered at Wilson. Many activities will be offered, including publication of a foreign language newsletter, which will be distributed throughout the District. Room 220/222.

Foreign Language Trip: Students study about the country that we are planning to visit. We plan for future trips by learning about that country. This club aims for helping student increase their appreciation for other cultures. Room 220.

Gospel Choir: We sing songs recommended by students to encourage spiritual growth in our members. We perform at school or community events, provided we are given ample notice and support. Room 218.

Hispanic Heritage Club: This group promotes Hispanic cultures and experiences. Room 204.

Kiswahli Club: This club helps develop awareness around African culture and traditions.  Room 220

Literary Magazine: Students’ creative writing is solicited to produce this magazine, which is edited by students and distributed to all. Room to be announced

Math Team: Math competition within Monroe County, scheduled for monthly events from September through February, with the all-county meet being held in March. Includes County Math League, Mathematics Association of America (MAA) and Jets Team Competition – sponsored by the Monroe County Professional Engineers Society. Room 302.

Mock Trial: Sponsored by the New York State Bar Association. County mock trial competition allows students to compete with other schools in the defense and prosecution of a simulated criminal case. Mock Trial offers the chance to explore your logic, public speaking and creative skills in an atmosphere of fun and competition. Room 106.

National Honor Society: Membership to this organization is by grade point average at the end of your 10th or 11th grade. This is not a club students can simply join. Room: Senior cafeteria.

Newspaper – The Wilsonian. This paper is student-written and produced, and distributed at various intervals throughout the school year. Even if you are not a staff member, your input for publication is welcomed. Room: To be announced.

Pep Club: This school-wide group promotes Wilson spirit throughout the school year. It coordinates such school events like homecoming, spirit weeks, jar wars and the end of the year, class wars. Wilson pride and spirit can be contagious…. catch it! Room 123

PRISM: This program was designed by businesses to interest minority students in math and science careers. Our many activities include Math Bowl, Science Bowl, and Leadership. Our group often meets with other PRISM teams in our City.

Science Club – This club participates extensively in science-related activities, making the students and faculty aware of environmental concerns. Previously, we have gone white-water rafting and whale watching.

Science Honors: Honors credit can be gained on a Regents science course, if a C+ average is maintained, the final examination passed, and at least 7 sessions are attended. Room: Off grounds.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Club: We meet to discuss books we have read, movies seen, TV Shows, etc. We will look at the history of science fiction and differing genres within it. Room 204.

Science Olympiad: A team of Wilson students competes against other schools in various science events. Events have included: tower building, scrambler, road scholar, write it/do it, and many more. Room 213.

Sewing/Craft Club: This group has been designed for students to learn how to use a sewing machine and create crafts or items of clothing. Room 06.

Sisters Into Peace & Progress: Created to help young women adjust to the academic and social demands of high school. The group recruits 9th and 10th grade students, and participants remain members until they graduate from Wilson. Members take part in workshops that focus on personal development, educational enrichment, social interaction skills, cultural awareness, conflict resolution, and post high school planning and community service. Field trips are scheduled throughout the year. Room 120.

Ski Club: Ski Bristol or Swain on a few Fridays in January and February. Possible trip to Whiteface. Room 328.

Student Government Association: This group is comprised of elected student officers and home base representatives. Previously, they have coordinated the student/teacher exchange day, pep rally and a disco. Room?

Special Olympics: Students of the MS population are able to participate in yearlong sporting events, including bowling, track and basketball.

Model UN: Learn about the workings of this peace-making organization, and participate in the annual countywide mock United Nations Youth Conference. Room?

Wilson Community Connection: Group meets regularly to do monthly community service activities and peer tutoring at local elementary school. Activities are fully student-initiated and directed. Room 310.

Wilson Pearls Step: The Step Team is about school spirit, scholarship, cultural awareness, and community service ands sisterhood. This group of positive young women not only prepares for performances and competitions, but also seeks high academic and personal goals. Students are expected to exhibit good citizenship, solid grades (2.25+), attend study hall, and participate in fund raising and community outreach. Room: To be announced.

Yearbook: This group plans, designs, produces and sells our Wilson yearbook, The Lair. Room 321.

There’s More!!


Field Trips: Periodically, throughout the school year, teachers may plan field trips to enhance your classroom learning experiences. In the past, teachers and classes have visited such places as the Corning Glass Works, the Women in Technological Careers conference, a computer fair and career exploration day at RIT. Others have attended concerts and plays at Nazareth College Arts Center.

During the first few weeks of school, your home base teacher will distribute field trip permission forms, which you MUST have signed by a parent or guardian and return to school. Without this form signed, you will not be allowed to participate on any field trips.

Bulletin and Announcements: All notices of club meetings, athletic, and social events, with general information for the day are announced over the public address system during home base period. Pupils who wish to have announcements made must have them approved by their activity advisor or home base teacher.

Weekly Bulletin: Every teacher receives a weekly bulletin on Monday morning. It contains a list of the week’s activities and other announcements. Posters and advertisements for non-school groups are prohibited; however, some exceptions are made.



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