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                    General School Information

School Hours: You are expected to arrive at 7:20 am and you will be dismissed at 2:00 pm daily, except on Wednesdays. Students will be dismissed at 1:40 pm only on Wednesdays.


Emergency School Closings: Should weather or other emergencies necessitate the closing of school; announcements usually begin by 6; 30 am. Please do not call the school, as this information is available on local radio and television stations. If schools are open in poor weather, parents are advised to use their own judgment about sending children to school.


If, due to an emergency situation, schools must be closed during the school day, it will not be possible to notify parents. However, such closings are usually broadcast. Parents are urged to make prior arrangements for the supervision of their children in such emergency situations.


Transportation: If you ride a school bus, you will be notified of your bus number and stop. During the school year, questions regarding school bus routes and pickups should be addressed to your child’s house administrator.


Rochester Transit Service (RTS) bus routes also provide service to Wilson. The Thurston Road bus, Genesee bus, and the Melrose Street buses service the school area.


If you normally take the school bus, but may stay after for organized clubs, sports, or detention, you may take the “late bus”, which leaves Wilson approximately one hour after school dismissal,

Monday – Thursday.


Identification Cards: Early in the school year, each student receives a picture student-identification card. There are two types of cards, each with its own color:

1. Bus Pass: Students who are entitled to free transportation to school must carry these at all times. They serve as a boarding pass for the bus.

2. Student ID: Students who are not entitled to free transportation to school are issued these cards.


All students must carry an ID card during school hours and to school-sponsored functions. These cards are needed in order to check out library books and gain admission to school dances. If an ID card is lost, a small fee must be paid in order to receive a duplicate.


Attendance: Good attendance is important for student success. However, sometimes absences are unavoidable. After an absence, you will need to bring a written excuse from home to your home base teacher, upon your return. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all missed assignments and to make arrangements to make up tests, assignments and projects. If you are going to be absent for an extended time period, you may have work sent home. If you are late to school, you will need a pass to enter your first class of the day. You may pick this up from the Attendance Office, room 105. If you must leave school during the day, you must receive permission from your House Administrator, who will verify your written note from home.


Tardiness: If you arrive at school after home base, report directly to the Attendance Office, room 105, for a late slip and then proceed immediately to your class. Tardiness is seldom necessary, if you make the necessary adjustments and plan for such things like poor weather conditions and traveling conditions. However, if you continue to arrive to school tardy, and a pattern is clear, it definitely has a negative impact on your schoolwork. The 

attendance officer will contact the homes of students who are chronically tardy. If for some reason you have been unavoidably delayed, and are unable to get to your next class on time, ask for a pass form the person who detained you.


Book Store: A variety of pencils, notebooks, and other school supplies, as well as computer disks and templates, are available t the bookstore. School sweatshirts, jackets and t-shirts are not always stocked, but may be ordered for you. The bookstore is located in Room 103 and is open before school.


Locks & Lockers: Students will need a lock for their home base locker. If you do not have a lock, your property may be stolen. The home base lock must be a school combination lock, which may be purchased at the bookstore. If a lock is lost, or not working properly, you should notify your home base teacher as soon as possible. You will be assigned a locker during the first week of school. Coats, hats, books, and other valuables, not necessary for your classroom learning should be kept in your locker. You must use the locker assigned to you. Quite often, we find locks hanging open on hall and gym lockers. Consequently, we have occasional complaints from students that property has been taken from their lockers.


To Protect Your Property:

1. Make sure your locker is locked. This means the lock is snapped shut and the dial spun at least once.

2. NEVER give the combination to anyone.

3. Do not share lockers.


Lost Textbooks and School Equipment: When textbooks are assigned to you, they become your responsibility. This means you must keep your books in good condition and never leave them unattended.

Should you, for some reason, have to leave Wilson; all of your books must be returned before you will be able to completely sign out. It is wise for you to write your name, the date, your teacher’s name and the room number in each of your books. This will make it much easier to locate a book, should you inadvertently misplace it.


If you think you have lost a book, your teacher should be able to give you your book number, so that you can check more carefully at home, Lost and Found, and with friends. If you are unable to locate your book, you will be expected to pay for it. Your teacher will tell you how much you owe and how to pay for it.


Failure to pay for lost books often leads to the loss of certain privileges or services. For example, you will not get your report card until your debt is paid. In serious cases, you may even become ineligible for school activities, since meeting responsibilities is part of good citizenship.


Lost & Found: This is located in the Main Office.


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Last modified: October 26, 2003