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Students shall study the ways in which their own society expresses itself, as well as the ways in which they express themselves individually. This study is intended to be a humanizing experience for students, as well as a method by which they may further develop skills in reasoning, critical thinking and synthesis.

Humanities I Regents

Grade Level: 12

Prerequisite: Social Studies VIII or equivalent. Humanities I is a twenty-week course designed to give students an introduction to the interdisciplinary study of the Humanities. The course will concentrate on the deep need people and cultures have felt, from the dawn of civilization, to express themselves. Students will study how this expression has been apparent through art, music, philosophy, literature, and other media of the times. Local examination. .5 credits


Humanities II Regents

Grade Level: 12

Prerequisite: Humanities I. Students will study three concepts that profoundly influenced the form and substance of our heritage: power, reason and revolution. .5 credits


Psychology I

As an introduction to the field of psychology, this one semester course will provide the student with a survey of psychological theories and their implementation. .5 credits


Western Philosophical Thought I – Honors

Prerequisite: Advanced Placement American History or teacher approved recommendation. This introduction to western philosophy will include the major works of Parmenides, Heracleitus, Plato and Aristotle. .5 credits

Survey of the World’s Major Religions – Honors

Prerequisite: Advanced Placement American History of teacher recommendation. This introductory course will focus on the origins and practices of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the religions of the Orient. .5 credit






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