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The program of instruction of English consists of skills that promote effective communications. These skills are: Reading, Appreciating Literature, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Critical Thinking. The department emphasizes student involvement in problem solving-decision making activities; writing workshops and discussion groups. The department offers a specific course sequence from grades 9-12, but change from one level to another is encouraged based on the student’s ability and interest.

Local Regents Honors

English 9 English I Honors English I

English 10 English II Honors English II

English 11 English III Honors English III

English 12 English IVB Advanced Placements in English


Course Description – English

English 1 - Regents & Honors

Grade Level 9

Literature includes short story and novel, biography, drama, poetry and mythology. Various forms of written expression are stressed with attention to paragraph development. Language arts competencies are emphasized. This course is designed for Regents level students. Honors level course is taught in greater detail with more emphasis on research and advanced work.

Local examination. 1 credit.


English II (Regents & Honors)

Grade Level: 10

Prerequisite: English I or equivalent.

Literature study offers the opportunity for students to build on reading skills and to examine various literary genres with increasing competence. Continuation of study skills, longer works in written compositions is part of the year’s work. A form of the research paper is taught at this level as a culmination unit on library, research, and bibliographic skills. The course is designed for regents level students. Honors course is taught in greater depth. Local examination. 1 credit.


English III - Regents & Honors

Grade: 11

Prerequisite: English II or equivalent.

All forms of literature are studied from which students develop an understanding of the craft and artistic style of authors. Growing mastery of basic skill competencies is the continuing goal. Much attention is given to the writing of longer compositions in which students will refine basic composition skills such as description, narration, exposition, and creative writing. State examination is six hours in length. 1 credit.


English IV- Local

Grade: 12

Prerequisite: English II or equivalent. Throughout the year, class activities and materials focus on the lasting values

of literature and the mature objective thinking expressed in writing. Selections from literature of the various periods are studied. Continued development of writing skills, with emphasis on technical writing. Local examination. 1 credit.

English – Advanced Placement

College Level – Grade Levels 10-12

Prerequisite: Teacher and House Administrator recommendation. A college level course in English with major emphasis on exposition and careful analysis of major literary works. Preparation of the Advanced Placement Examination in English. 1 credit.



RCT Writing (Local)

Grade Levels 10-12

Prerequisite: Failing the PCT or RCT in Writing. This course is for students who have failed the RCT in Writing. Writing competently in the three areas of written discourse tested by the States is the aim of the course. Practice in writing a business letter, organizing a report and writing a persuasive composition is given. State competency examination. 0 credit.


Journalism - Regents & Local

Grade Level: 12

Prerequisite: English III or English 11. This course is designed to offer an apprenticeship experience in journalism. Various aspects of journalism will be explored, including the history of journalism, gathering news, types of news articles and the editing process. In addition, a major project of the course will be publishing the school newspaper. Local examination. 1 credit.


Drama I

It may be taken either as a twenty-week .5 course, or as a forty-week full credit course. Drama I is an elective English course. The course is composed mainly of three elements:

1. Improvisation

2. Monologues

3. Scene Work

This is a hands-on class. Students are required to participate.



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