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Interscholastic sports are offered to all students who want and need the challenges provided in athletic competition. The activities listed below are an extension of the instructional program and are open to every student. In addition to the sports listed, cheerleading is also available.

Student interest in Wilsonís sports program may determine the availability of new sports offerings or curtail those listed.

Fall Winter Spring
Football (boys) Basketball (boys/girls) Baseball (boys)
Cross Country (coed) Swimming (boys) Softball (girls)
Golf (coed) Wrestling (boys) Tennis (boys)
Soccer (boys/girls) Bowling (boys/girls) Track & Field (boys/girls)
Swimming (girls) Indoor Track (coed) Golf (coed)
Tennis (girls)    
Volleyball (boys/girls)    



Determination of athletic awards is based on the following provisions:

1. 95% attendance at practices and games.

2. Fulfillment of the Wilson Sports Contract.

3. Participating in at least Ĺ of the games or contests. Please note: a student who does not participate in Ĺ of the contests but is a member of the same team for two consecutive years will receive the appropriate junior varsity or varsity letter.

Specifics pertaining to awards are as follows:

1. All athletes on sports team, including freshman, junior varsity and varsity will receive a certificate.

2. A 4-inch junior varsity letters will be awarded only once. A bar is given for each additional junior varsity sport played.

3. A 6-inch varsity letter will be awarded only once, with pins given for each additional varsity sport played.

4. A junior varsity player who is moved up to a varsity team must have played in
1/ 2 of the seasonís games to be eligible for a varsity letter.

5.            The coach will present awards at the end of the sports season.

6.            Other sports awards will be given to athletes as designated, according to sponsorship.  Some of the awards include:

a.            Scholar Athlete Award           

b.            Hall of Fame Award           

c.            U.S. Marine Scholar Athlete Award           

d.            Harvey Anderson Scholarship

e.            Klepper Award                       

f.            U.S. Army Scholar Athlete




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